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Dates 2021

- Individual or group classes on demand: 01/06 - 15/07



- Individual or group classes on demand: 10/09 - 31/10

- Rhythm and Dance workshops (Sunday through Friday):  17/10 - 22/10


Extra activities include small & larger excursions, visits to traditional feasts, music evenings in House Kavouri or in traditional taverns.

Upon request and availablility, extra classes in percussion instruments and "Body Percussion", or advanced dance classes may be organized.



- Excursions:

Hikes and excursions to destinations of cultural or natural interest in the surroundings may be organized in cooperation with my colleagues from kretamittendrin.


- Dance:

we organize our classes in periods of the year which offer wide possibilities for visits to taverns or Panigyri (Traditional Feasts) with live music in the villages of the region, for experiencing traditional dancing in its natural context.


- Music evenings:

we sometimes invite local musicians to "House Kavouri", for a real private traditional evening, with music and dance!

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The detailed schedule of these activities will depend on actual opportunities of the period, and on the interests and wishes of the group, and will be planned accordingly.

Examples of average costs of excursions (depending on the number of participants):

- Rethymnon (35 km)     6-8 €/Person

- Heraklion (113 km)     20-25 €/Person

- Chania (91 km)             14-17 €/Person

Costs for other trips are always calculated according to distance and number of participants.


- Greek language:

In some of the workshops' periods, modern Greek teachers, speaking German or English, may be available for team and individual classes. Contact us for availability and details.

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Extra classes:

Team classes:


- Percussion ensembleGreek traditional instruments and dance rhythms.

with Simone Mongelli

In this team class you will learn how to play on real traditional percussion instruments the rhythms of the dances you learn every morning, and share with the others the pleasure of playing music together.

Basic technique, informations on the instruments, polyrhythm and a lot of fun!


- Advanced dance steps: complex figures, improvisation.

with Isabella Muellenbach

In this class you will improve your skills in dancing, learning the most complicated steps and choreographies and how to use your own fantasy, in order to become a truly experienced performer in Greek traditional dances!

Body percussion ensemble: how to make real music using exclusively your body!

with Simone Mongelli

In this class you will go deeper into the world of body percussion, focusing on coordination techniques, use of the voice in combination with body percussion, creation of simple and complex polyrhythms with the others, use of the space...



Individual classes:


- Greek and Mediterranean traditional p​ercussion instruments and rhythms

with Simone Mongelli

darabouka/toubeleki, bendir, defi, daouli, riqq, frame drums, small percussions, for beginners and advanced students.

The detailed schedule of all extra classes will depend on the actual number of applications.

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